Superfetch service: Windows 7 Disable?

What is Superfetch? 

The Superfetch service in Microsoft family operating systems was used even on the old Windows 7 and now in Windows 10 also. Then it made sense because it helped to speed up the computer somewhat.

How? And due to the fact that it collects statistics on the most used programs, utilities, applications, and, based on this data, preloads the necessary modules and elements in the computer’s RAM. In some cases, the service may even perform entire operations, for example, start defragmenting hard disk partitions or other background processes. But now, with the advent of new technology for the manufacture of standard SSD hard drives, the need for such a service has disappeared.

It a service that constantly runs in the background and learns which applications are used most often. Over time, it marks these applications as “frequently used” and preloads them into RAM.

If you have a modern computer with at least average specifications, the SuperFetch service will work well and will not be a problem.

Superfetch service: Windows 7 Disable?

In most cases, SuperFetch really benefits. If you have a modern computer with at least average specifications, the service host sysmain also called superfetch service will work well and will not be a problem.

However, it can cause some problems:

Because SuperFetch always runs in the background, the service itself always uses processor and RAM resources.

SuperFetch does not completely eliminate the need to load applications into RAM but simplifies the speed of the process. Whenever a startup occurs, your system will experience the same slowdown as if you were running the application without SuperFetch.

Starting the system may slow down because SuperFetch preloads a large amount of data from the hard disk to RAM. If every time you turn on or restart your computer, your hard drive runs at 100% charge for a few minutes, then SuperFetch may be to blame.

The effect of using SuperFetch may not be noticed if Windows 10 is installed on an SSD. Because the SSD is very fast, no preload is required.

SuperFetch can cause gaming problems if your system has 4 gigabytes of memory or less. This issue is relevant for games that use a large amount of RAM, which constantly requires and releases memory. This behavior can cause SuperFetch to constantly load and unload data.

In this regard, the question arose – is it necessary to disable SuperFetch or not? The answer is unequivocal: if you have installed a modern solid-state drive, you simply need to disable Superfetch But when the old HDD is still in use, then you can leave it. Learn new techniques form here in a better way

How do I disable SuperFetch?

This can be done in two ways.
The easiest and fastest is through the Service console. Press the Win + R key combination so that the “Run” window appears.

Enter the services.msc command and click the “OK” button. After that, the “Services” system console should appear in which you need to find the SuperFetch line and double-click it with the left mouse button.

In the properties window that appears, find the “Startup type” field and put the value “Off” there. Press the OK button and restart the computer.

The second way is for advanced users. It allows you to stop the service and, if you want to leave it, set it up correctly. What is certain is that initially the Superfetch service is used both to speed up the system startup and to load applications faster. By setting the correct mode, you can force it to optimize either the system or the application or both. Call and open the section: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \\\ SYSTEM \\\ CurrentControlSet \\\ Control \\\ SessionManager \\\ Management Memory \\\ PrefetchParameter. It must contain the “EnableSuperfetch” key:

We double-click it to edit the value.

Here, in the “Value” field, you must specify one of the options for the Superfetch service as a number:

0 – completely disabled 1 – only application launch acceleration works 2 – only launch acceleration works 3 – both system launch and application launch acceleration is active

By default, the last option is used. To disable the Windows accelerator service, set the value to “0”, click the “OK” button, and restart your computer.

Install game from the Winrar archive

To install the game from the archive, WinRar must be installed on your computer or laptop. With this program, you can unzip the installation files of the game in the local hard drive. Then you can start installing the game. If WinRar is not installed on your PC, be sure to install it. If you have installed this program, then you can start studying the material … Open the archive with the game So, on your computer, open the folder in which the downloaded game in rar or zip format lies.

Then we hover over the archive with the game and once press the left mouse button, after which this archive with the game will be highlighted. Now, without moving the mouse cursor from the archive, you need to press the right mouse button once.

Install game from the Winrar archive

After that, the context menu will open, in which you need to move the mouse cursor over the “Open with” item and select the “WinRAR archive” item in the additional context menu that opens. When you select the “WinRAR archive” item, this archive with the game will be opened using the WinRAR program. Now we can extract all the necessary files and start installing our game. Unpack game files Please note : before you start extracting files, you need to create a folder with the name of your game in the local drive, since we will extract the installation files to this folder. I created my folder in the local drive (G). So, to continue and unzip the installation files you need to press the key combination Ctrl + A.

Use WinRAR program to extract zip file

After that, all the installation files of the game will be highlighted. Now you need to move the cursor to any selected location and press the right mouse button once. Next, the context menu will open, in which you need to select the “Extract to specified folder” item. When you select “Extract to the specified folder”, a window will open on your computer in which you will need to specify the folder that we created to extract the installation files.

So, on the right side of the WinRAR program, open the local disk and select the folder into which the installation files will be extracted. After you specify the path to extract the files you will have to click on the “OK” button. When you click on the “OK” button, the process of extracting installation files to the folder of your choice will begin on your computer. In the line “Time passed”, you will see how long this process lasts. In the line “Approximately left”, you will see how much time is left until the end of this process. Install an unzipped game After the extraction of installation files is completed on your computer, you need to open the local drive on your computer where you created the folder for extracting the installation files.

To continue and install the unzipped game, you need to open the pack and find the installation file “SETUP”. So, to start the installation of the game we need to run the installation file “setup”. It’s best to install the game as administrator, for this we hover over the file “setup.exe” and press the right mouse button once. In the menu that opens, click on the line “Run as administrator”. When you run the setup file, the setup wizard for your game will open on your computer.

Install Games in local drive C

To continue and install the game you need to click on the “Next” button. When you click on the “Next” button, the next installation step will open on your computer in which you need to specify the installation path for this game. Please note : in no case install games in the local drive “C”, since the local drive contains Windows.

For example, the installation path of the game should look like this : G: \ Games \ Asterix and Obelix XXL 3 or D: \ Games \ Games \ the name of your game . It all depends on what letter is assigned to your local drive. When installing the game, you will also be asked to select some settings, such as creating a shortcut on the desktop – creating a game folder in the menu and installing additional DrectX software and microsoft visual c ++ After you make the necessary settings, you just have to click on the “Install” or “Install” button. When you click on the “Install” button, the installation process of the game will begin on your computer.

The installation process of the game can take from several minutes to several hours. Install DrectX In some games, after installing the game, the software installation starts, and in some games during installation this “software” is not installed at all. If after installation the DrectX window appears, install it. Installing “DirectX” – put a tick in front of the line “I accept the terms of this agreement” and click on the “Next” button. When you click on the “Next” button, the process of checking the installed DirectX on your computer will begin on your computer. If the latest version of DirectX is installed on your computer, then in a special window you will see a message stating that the latest version of DirectX is used on your computer.

DirectX helps to run game Properly

If on your computer the old version of DirectX is not installed or installed, then the installation of the latest version of DirectX will begin on your computer. After the installation of DirectX is completed, you just have to click on the “Finish” button. Install microsoft visual c ++ In rare cases, during the installation of a game, you may be asked install the package “microsoft visual c ++”. If this utility package is installed on your computer, then you do not need to install it. If microsoft visual c ++ is not installed on your PC, be sure to install it.

To install microsoft visual, put a check mark in front of the line “I accept the license terms” and click on the “Install” button. If during installation, an error window appears or asks you to fix the version. That is uniquely microsoft visual is already installed on your PC, you will just need to cancel the installation. The final step of installing the game After installing “DirectX” or “microsoft visual c ++”, the final stage of installing this game will open on your computer. To complete the installation, click on the “Finish” or “Finish” button. In such a simple way, games with the rar or zip format are installed.

Firewall Software to protect computer 2020

GlassWire – GlassWire is a network monitoring software as well as a firewall and is free to use. This package is installed on Windows 7, 8 and 10. Although this software would be ideal for a small business network, it is also available for home use. The firewall can be configured with multiple profiles to behave differently in each scenario. For example, you might have a home network and public wifi profile setup.

In addition to blocking incoming connections, the package lets you monitor bandwidth usage by throttling some applications to make more bandwidth accessible for key applications. Traffic management functions are reduced to a port number, program and process.

The monitor is always on and tracks all activities on your computer, looking for something suspicious. Like TinyWall, GlassWire’s firewall features are really just a native Windows Defender management interface.

free firewall

Private firewall – Privatefirewall is a product of the privacy software. The company’s characteristic product is ThreatSentry, a security system designed for business networks. The company is no longer interested in Privatefirewall and doesn’t even mention the product on its own website. However, you can download it for free from software distributors such as CNet and Softpedia. The program will run on Windows from XP to 8.1 – no version for Windows 10.

In addition to being a firewall, this utility is based on a host intrusion detection system. It examines log files on your computer to look for alarm events. It will also protect these log files from unauthorized modification or deletion, which is a trick to cover the tracking that some malware uses.

The regular firewall features of this package include whitelisting and blacklisting features, as well as content privacy controls, such as turning off text copy and buffer monitoring. The firewall interface is a context menu that you activate by right-clicking the program icon in the system tray.

The tool will also monitor email activity, disable infected or prohibited websites from loading, and block internet activity from a specified address.

Network security system

OpenDNS homepage – OpenDNS is a business network security system that also has a free home version. This firewall covers all internet-enabled devices in your home, including DVRs and smart TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones. It is a great choice for families because it involves parental control.

This system is cloud-based, so you don’t need to install any software. Instead, the service changes the settings of your router to channel all your internet traffic through the OpenDNS server. This is what the industry calls “end service” and will also protect you from other hacking activities, such as DDoS attacks.

Sign up for an OpenDNS home

Do I need a third-party firewall?

Companies religiously install firewalls to protect their resources from attack (see Top Web Application Firewalls), but the general public is not interested in this form of protection. A big reason for this complacency is that security is often built into devices.

At home, wifi routers offer Internet firewall protection in the form of a hardware firewall. But the advent of Trojans means that this inbound request block is no longer sufficient; The Trojans will open the outbound links back to the base and invite other viruses.

Popular operating systems often come with their own software firewall, such as Windows Defender in newer versions of Windows. However, this is a rudimentary firewall that can do with many more options that you get with other firewalls.

Note that if you have firewalls built into your router or operating system, you must make sure that they are activated. A disabled firewall is as useless as not having one at all.

Ways to write a degree sign in Microsoft Word

Sometimes when working with documents in Microsoft Word, it becomes necessary to write a number in a power and in this article we will talk about how this is done. You can put a degree sign in Word or degree symbol mac in several ways, and all of them are extremely simple in their implementation. We consider them in order of priority, starting with the most obvious and ending with one that is suitable for cases where, in addition to the degree sign of interest to us, it is required to write other mathematical expressions in a text document.

degree symbol in word

Adding a degree sign in Word

Method 1: superscript

On the toolbar of the Word text editor, directly in its “Main” tab, there is a group of tools for working with the font. One of them will help us put the sign of the degree symbol in word.

Enter the number or letter (s) to be raised to a power. Set immediately after it the cursor pointer, that is, without clicking on the space bar.

On the toolbar, in the “” tab, in the “Font” parameter group, find the “Superscript” button (made in the form of the x2 icon) and click on it.

Enter the required value of the degree and do not rush after adding it to press the space bar or enter any other characters if they should already be written not in the form of a superscript.

In order to continue writing normally, just use the “Superscript” button (x2) again.

To enable or disable the superscript, with which we wrote down the degree sign, you can use not only the button on the ribbon, but also the key combination – “CTRL + SHIFT ++” (plus sign located in the upper digital row). In both cases, you can turn an already recorded element into a power – just select it with the mouse and “raise” it to the superscript register. All neat and clean information available on

A superscript in Microsoft Word 2003

If for some reason you are still using an obsolete version of a text editor from Microsoft, you should know that the algorithm for adding a degree symbol in it is somewhat different. Enter the expression that you want to raise to the power, and also write next to it the number (or letter), which in the future should be a power. That is, in order to get the conditional x2 , enter x2 .

Select the sign that you want to convert to a degree, and then right-click on it. In the context menu that opens, select the Font item. In the “Font” dialog box, which by default will be opened in the tab of the same name, check the “Superscript” checkbox and click “OK.” After setting the required degree value and removing the selection from this element (place the cursor immediately after it), re-open the Font dialog box through the context menu and uncheck the “Superscript” item. This is what will need to be done every time in order to put a degree in Word 2003.

What is Microsoft Office 365?

There are a handful of tools that almost every business needs: email, calendar, live chat, to-do lists, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and file sharing. While there is a wide range of tools for each of these programs, or for most of them, Office 365 takes care of everything at the same time.

That was easy… the only problem was that before you had to mount your own Exchange server for email and calendar sync, along with perhaps a Sharepoint installation for collaboration and file sharing. Those services were much more complicated to install and run than individual Office applications and were a considerable investment in servers and software.

Office 365

Office 365 features

  • Manage email, calendar, file sharing and Office apps in one place.
  • Full Exchange email with retention policies, remote deletion and other security tools.
  • Plan team agendas in collaborative calendars and to-do lists.
  • Collaborate on Office and files with OneDrive for Business and Office Online.
  • IOS, Android, Mac, Windows and web applications available.

To keep things simple, Microsoft started launching hosted versions of its software in 2008, so you can simply pay a monthly email hosting fee instead of running Exchange yourself. Today, all Office tools, from Word, Excel, and the other applications you install on your PC from Exchange, SharePoint, and other server-based tools, are part of Office 365 . Instead of setting up a server and manage everything by hand, the  subscription of Office 365 lets you get applications Office installable and services Office online for a monthly fee per user.

They are all your basic business tools in one package. The main Office 365 plans (Business Essentials and Business Premium) include email, calendar, sites, and other features that you previously had to run on Exchange and Sharepoint . These options allow you to add your own domain names to Office 365 to professionally manage your email and calendars. You can receive email and add events online in the Outlook Web App interface, or sync them with Outlook on your computer or with any other email tool that supports Exchange, IMAP, or POP3. There are advanced online tools, too, so you can send vacation responses, automatically order email, and more.

The new Clutter tool can be especially helpful: Watch your inbox for new email messages that are probably not important to you and move them to a separate folder to help you focus on the most important email messages. If you just want to count Office software (no Email) on your computers and OneDrive online sync files, the business plan offers just that for a more collaborative option than traditional office software.

With this or any of the above plans, you can sync files from your computer and share them online with your team, or use Office Web Apps to view and edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations from your browser.

There are also new Office plug-ins to connect your files to other popular software, to automatically collect data in Excel spreadsheets and then sync them to your computer with OneDrive.

Regardless of the Office 365 plan you choose, you can manage each of its users from the Office 365 online portal, where you can see how many copies of Office are install, So much storage is being used.

If you need more features, upgrade it

  • The traditional boxed version of Office was easy to install once, but collaborating or using Office on multiple computers was always a toothache.
  • Office 365, This is the software you need for your business, along with email, calendars, websites, and more to patchup with your team and without ever having to manage an Exchange server on your own.
  • You’ll get all the same features, with much less hassle.
  • And with new Office add-ons, you can do more tasks and add other new tools to your workflow more easily.

Best video converters Compatible with windows 7, 8, 10

Wondershare video converter free

Convenient and powerful converter for copying / recording: dvd, ifo, iso, video and audio files. The program supports 159 audio and video formats (in fact, everything that can be found and found on the vast network)! By the way, the program has a bunch of interesting chips that are not in other programs of this kind. For example, thanks to the support of nvidia® cuda technology, wondershare video converter has a very high conversion speed (even when working with 4k ultrahd) . See below for key features.

youtube to mp3

Key features:

  • High conversion speed (in comparison with some other analogues, the speed gain is 30 times! At least, according to the developers’ statements);
  • You can convert video from almost any format to any;
  • Support for high-quality 4k ultrahd video;
  • The ability to transfer video from one device to another via wi-fi (wirelessly!);
  • The built-in editor allows you to: combine, cut, add a watermark, crop the edges, insert subtitles, adjust brightness, contrast, etc .;
  • Support for converting 2d to 3d video;
  • Compatible with windows 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bits).

Compatible with windows 8.1 / 10

Vsdc free video converter

Free video file converter with a simple built-in editor. It allows not only to transcode the video at the same time, but also to glue several clips into one, change the resolution, cut off the excess. It should be noted that this converter supports a lot of ready-made profiles. Using them, you can literally in 2-3 mouse clicks prepare a video for downloading it to your phone or tablet. See the screenshot below.


Support for all popular video and audio formats: dvd, avi, mov, qt, mp4, m4v, mpeg, wmv, flv, mkv, rm, rmvb, 3gp, 3g2, amv, h.264 / avc, and many others;

A video editor is built into the converter, which allows you to: glue several files into one; cut the file into several parts; rotate the picture, crop the edges, etc .;

  • The program has dozens of presses (profiles) for popular tasks;
  • Good conversion speed;
  • The ability to record converted videos to optical discs;
  • Full support for the any language;
  • Compatible with windows 8.1 / 10 (32/64 bit).

Universal video converter for all

Xilisoft video converter

Universal youtube to mp3 converter for all occasions!  The program supports most of the popular video formats that can only get in your way: dvd, vcd, svcd, mov, rm, avi, mpeg, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, wmv, 3gp, h264, etc. It is possible to convert to ipod and psp video. Xilisoft video converter can extract audio from video and then convert it to the desired format, for example, in mp2, mp3, ac3, ra, m4a, ogg, aac, etc.

Main advantages:

  • Convert multiple video formats. Support for high quality 4k video and full hd;
  • The ability to work with audio formats: mp3, wma, wav, aac, etc .;
  • The ability to convert video for: ipod, iphone, psp, ps3, xbox, mp4 players, google phones, apple ipad;
  • There is a built-in and convenient editor that allows you to: cut out unnecessary fragments from the video, glue two videos into one, add a watermark, apply special effects, etc .;
  • The program automaticall`y determines the characteristics of your cpu and speeds up the process of converting file/s due to “thin” settings;
  • Full-fledged work with hd-video, supported hd-formats: h.264 / mpeg-4 avc, avchd video (* .m2ts, * .mts), apple tv h.264 720p, mkv, hd wmv, and mpeg2 / mpeg- 4 ts hd video;
  • Batch conversion;
  • Compatible with popular versions of windows vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 | 64 bits).

Who is affected by malware and how its infected?

Victims of malicious programs include both individuals and companies or organizations. The list above shows the differences between them, which are as varied as the reasons for their use, and that is that they are not usually the expression of arbitrary digital vandalism. It is much more common for the use of malware to be determined by one objective: to spy on and take advantage of data, to place advertisements and purchase offers, to sabotage certain computer systems or to control third-party computers and use them for specific purposes. The malware thus tries to go unnoticed in order to use the invaded computer as long as possible. However, there are certain symptoms that can be identified to find out if a computer has been the victim of malicious software:

The computer turns off spontaneously, cannot be turned on again, or the system suddenly crashes. The computer runs slower than normal (due to an increase in processor load). The Internet speed is slower than usual (due to high data traffic).

Increase the frequency with which unwanted Internet content appears, such as pop-ups, automatic forwarding to certain Internet addresses or sudden access to a new web page, search engine or new toolbars in the browser.

antivirus free

Programs are suddenly uninstalled or blocked. Some harmful elements can even disable antivirus programs and firewalls, which is another indication that the system has been infected with malware.

Unwanted programs are installed and some open on their own

It is evident that someone is intervening in the computer, due, for example, to the presence of new files or folders, to the fact that the mouse pointer is being controlled, to the sending of emails or messages on social networks on your behalf without that there is no intervention on your part.

Preventive measures against malicious software

There are various types of software designed to protect computer systems from external threats, but all responsibility does not lie with them, but your handling of the situation also plays an important role. This refers, on the one hand, to preventive measures based on software and, on the other hand, to guidelines on the use of the Internet.

Software-based prevention

In order for your system to be safe from badware, it is recommended to equip the team with the following software:

A current and effective antivirus program: an antivirus is a program that runs permanently and protects the computer from the threats of malicious software. In order for it to recognize as many malicious programs as possible, it should always be the order of the day through automatic updates. Windows operating systems come standard with an antivirus, which can be Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows Vista, Windows 7) or Windows Defender (from Windows 8). Among the most effective and, at the same time, free antivirus programs are Avast, Avira, Malwarebytes and 360 Total Security. These programs are available for both Windows and Mac or Android operating systems. Another of the best known and also free antivirus for Windows is Panda Free Antivirus.

These types of programs protect systems from the presence of viruses and can eliminate almost any of them regardless of their nature, or at least offer advice on how to proceed correctly. This also applies to computer worms, Trojans, and other types of malicious software, so antivirus programs not only protect against computer viruses, but also against other types of malicious programs and also help to remove malware.

An active firewall: You can only protect your computer from unwanted access when the firewall is active, and this is an essential component of many operating systems, including Windows.

A current version of the operating system: Updates help eliminate the security loopholes caused by the presence of malware on your computer. The best practice is to keep the operating system up to date, for example, by activating automatic updates.  

Current versions of the programs: it is also recommended to update the software that is used, especially the one that makes it possible to connect to the Internet. Outdated versions of browsers, Java, Flash, and other applications often contain security flaws and allow badware to access the system.

Special Effects Programs for Online Photos 2020

If you are one of those who are looking to give your photos a special effect but you are afraid of advanced editing programs, do not worry. On the Web you have lots of services that will do the work for you. Here you have a good handful of them.

photo editing

Aged Effect for online edit

Surprising effect that will transform a brand new digital photo into an image that seems taken from an ancient history book .

It is really spectacular. You want to try?. More info here .

The best

Very easy.


Spectacular results.


There is no type of option.

Middle page in Japanese! (Although it is not difficult to use).

A single effect.

Framer Effect beautiful photo

Colorful effect that will allow you to make a beautiful stamp from your favorite photo.

It is fully automatic: you just have to upload your photo, choose the design and that’s it. Totally recommended. More info here .

The best

It allows a fairly fine tonal adjustment.

12 Categories of artistic effects.

Facial detection


Upload photo and select frame.

More than 20 different frames.

To have a good time.


Nice collage that you can do automatically with photos that you have uploaded to Flickr .

It is really easy to get and very effective. Elegant way to present your best photos . Do you dare to try it? More info here .

The best

The easiest way to get the David Hockney effect.

In two mouse clicks.

Fun result.


Unworked interface.

Few adjustment options.

Image may lose definition.


Simple service that allows you to put watermarks on your photos. Select your photos (from your hard drive or your Flickr account, as you prefer), choose place, style and text or image and … that’s it! Try it here .

The best

You can import photos from the computer, Flickr, Picasa and Facebook.

You can customize the watermarks to your liking.

Automatically rename batches of photographs.


There are locked features in the free version.

Limitations when uploading files.

The interface is rather ugly.

Photo Creation Programs

It is a great way to show your work. It’s about creating sequences of your own photos with background music in a video. Can you imagine the photos of your last vacation on video to watch on TV and with a professional finish?

If you have not tried yet, you may think they will be very difficult to do. Nothing is further from reality. They are very simple to do. You dare?


jAlbum is the perfect tool to create presentations of your photos through online albums.

Thanks to its templates, in a few clicks, you will achieve incredible and professional results. More information and free trial download here .

The best

Clear interface and simple operation.

Different themes to create your albums.

If you wish you have available web space to upload your photos.


The geolocation is somewhat poor.

Some translation errors.

Available for Windows

PhotoStage Slideshow

Allow full customization of your photo presentations. PhotoStage Slideshow is one of the best programs in creation of photographic presentations.

It is presented with an infinite number of tools at an affordable price and within a very simple interface. Do you want more arguments? Click here .

The best

Photos, video, music, stories …

It is easy to start using the program.

You can export the presentation to multiple formats.


You cannot work with several photographs simultaneously.

The preview is of low quality although the final result is good.

Available for Windows / Mac OS / Kindle


SlideFlickr is an excellent program for mounting online photo presentations. It’s free and all you need is to upload your photos to a Flickr account (also free).

It’s so simple, it will only take you a handful of seconds to mount your video. why do not you try it? More info here .

Softwares of Banking World 2020 used for banking

From savings banks to global financial institutions: Over 5000 banks worldwide have already recognized the advantages On Base brings to their banking business. On Base integrates with existing banking software to use the information contained therein even more efficiently and to simplify administration and access. This leads to higher profits, increased productivity and happier customers. Don’t you think that this would also benefit your banking business?  On Base removes paper from banking transactions, enabling banks to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. 

Growth opportunities for credit institutions of all sizes
By connecting On Base systems and banking operations, your employees receive all the information they need for their work through a central query facility. 

Reducing costs in banking operations Banking
operations are significantly optimized and designed to be cost-effective so that no or significantly less paper has to be bought. In addition, shipping and storage costs, as well as personnel costs for the administration of paper documents, are drastically reduced.

Expansion and optimization of cash management
Our solutions for account reconciliation and credit checks are beneficial for institutions of all sizes. 

Fulfilling increasingly strict audit and compliance requirements
Get even better insight into your banking processes. The integration of On Base in the existing banking software guarantees the consistent and speedy management of documents and data.

banking softwares

Advance Softwares of Banking World

FinanzPlaner PROfessional for optimized pension advice

The financial planner software PROfessional enables you to move up to multi-dimensional customer advice, that is to say, detached from products, to advance neutrally and independently into strategy advice. This applies especially to your retirement advice! Get to know the software through our FREE webinars and get a guide to the successful use of the FinanzPlaner PRO and the appropriate conversation. Our FREE webinars also give you some interesting tips and tricks …

FLF-Test manager – test program for banking software and leasing software

Test of banking software and leasing software- With the FLF Test Manager you have a professional tool for testing new software or for testing for updates or releases. The program fulfills the necessary requirements according to IDW, MaRisk, BaFin, AO and is also used in the area of ​​core banking system migration. Among other things, the software maps the selection of software and database structure analysis, software migration and implementation as well as for the documentation of facility changes (customizing).

ibo QSR – revision software, test software, internal revision

The ibo QSR software for your internal audit. With ibo QSR, executives and auditors work in revisions of all sizes and industries, whether in Germany or worldwide. They create their examination plans in QSR and do all the revision work efficiently and adeptly throughout the year. For over 15 years, ibo software has been developing the revision software ibo QSR – quality assurance and revision – for internal auditing in all industries and revision sizes. We know what the revision needs today …

Factoring software ef3premium

Ef3premium is the sophisticated software for the factor and meets the highest demands. Configured on a broad foundation, the factoring software ef3premium proves to be a flexible and secure solution in international factoring. A clear and work-oriented basic structure facilitates the uncomplicated exchange of data between factors and customers. Standard activities are thus effectively implemented in terms of time. The support of incoming and outgoing interfaces, the stability of the application and the clarity …

ITGov Suite

Information system and roadmap for IT governance in credit institutions. The ITGov Suite is the modular information service for structuring and mapping a regulatory IT governance of a credit institution. It enables the institutes to deal appropriately and increasingly with standardized IT governance and IT compliance requirements. The need for an individual and resource-adapted implementation was already taken into account in the conception and enables the introduction in a “step speed” adapted to the respective credit institution.


Proven: best-practice processes. Global: Multi-client capable, multilingual. Flexible: configuration and customizing. Strong: high performance and security. Independent: 100% web technology, platform-independent. , audimexEE is an audit management system for the highest demands on the implementation of revision processes and corporate structures, in the center of which is a powerful and highly flexible audit universe. The result is an audit management system that adapts to your requirements like a tailor-made suit and in which a maximum degree of automation is made possible …

RIAS revision software

RIAS is a standard software that is designed as a central browser-oriented revision management solution for use in the company’s intranet. By using RIAS, auditors can concentrate on the essentials and efficiently plan and carry out audits. Proven software for internal audits. Digitization of internal auditing, optimization of the revision process, compliance with legal requirements, increased efficiency in the execution of audits With RIAS you optimize the quality of your audit management: RIAS serves internal audits as an effective tool …

Comparison on Linux and Windows

I have no intention of relaunching endless sterile warfare here in the style of “my system is better than yours “. No need to burn me by email, it will go directly to the trash. On the other hand, I accept the remarks and constructive criticism. I just want to try to give some elements that can help you decide between Linux and Windows. “Decide” is also a big word, since nothing prevents you from installing the 2 on your computer and switching from one to the other!

Here is a quick comparison of Windows and Linux on various points (it is not exhaustive!). (Color codes: blue = favorable to Linux, red = unfavorable, black: neither favorable nor unfavorable.)

windows vs linux

Getting started:

You have to admit: overall, Linux will require more time from you than Windows, especially for the adaptation period. If you are not ready to spend more time, do not switch to Linux. Discharging it, mastering Linux is very rewarding, because not only does it allow you to unders tand what’s going on “inside” (if you want to), but most of all to do exactly what you want with it. The learning curve is steeper, but it goes further. Note that with recent distributions like Ubuntu, Mandriva or Xandros you do not have to get your hands dirty at all if you don’t want to. They are as easy to use as Windows (see more!).


Windows programs do not work under Linux

Linux programs do not work on windows 12 lite. Wine is a program that allows you to run certain Windows software on Linux, but it does not work in 100% of cases. There are projects like Qemu or CoLinux which make it possible to make Linux work in Windows or Windows in Linux, but it is rather risky and the performances are often rather bad. VMWare and VirtualBox are free software that allows Windows to run fully in a window on Linux. This is handy if you need to use software that only exists on Windows at all costs.

Many Linux programs have been ported to Windows

Games :

Almost all games are designed for Windows and do not run on Linux. Although there are hundreds of small free games for Linux, hardly any large publisher creates games for Linux.

With Wine, you can also run certain Windows games on Linux, but the results are not guaranteed.


Almost all Windows software has its free equivalent under Linux: Open Office can replace Microsoft Office , K3B can replace Easy CD Creator , etc. 

Most distributions come with software lists: Just select one and it will be automatically downloaded, installed and configured.

But there is always some rare software under Windows which do not have their equivalent under Linux!


Many Linux distributions are free. Sounds like nothing, but not everyone can pay 150 € for Windows XP. It is very expensive. By its free, Linux allows the democratization of computing.

Even paid Linux distributions are affordable. Take Mandriva Discovery , a complete Linux system supplied with OpenOffice and everything you need: 40 euros (And I’m not talking about Ubuntu : The complete operating system + OpenOffice office suite = 0 €). Compare with Microsoft: Windows XP + Office XP: 150 + 500 = 650 €  (!) To be able to do the same job. It’s overpriced.


Microsoft has abandoned Windows 95 and NT. Windows 98 will be abandoned in 2006. This means that there will be no more security patches from Microsoft if a flaw is discovered. To continue working safely, you will be required to purchase Windows XP or Windows Vista. It is a forced march.

With Linux the updates are generally continuous and incremental: you make your system evolve. You don’t have to throw your entire system in the trash, and most importantly no one forces you to buy a new one.

However, some distributors only provide updates for a limited time. For example, when a version of Ubuntu is released, it is only supported for 18 months. After this delay, security vulnerabilities are no longer corrected and you have to upgrade to the new version to take advantage of it.


Only paid Linux distributions to have technical support (telephone, internet, etc.). With free Linux distributions, you will have no support. This disadvantage is largely minimized by the fact that there is a lot of help on the internet (documentation and help forums).

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